Top 5 Anime that Japanese picked up!!

This time, I’m gonna write about Japanese animation. This is fun, right?

Ok. I think some anime are already famous in the world like



“One Piece”

“Dragon Ball”

“Death Note”

And so on.


I want you to know other anime which is not that famous but they are still good enough.

Before I tell you them, I want to tell something.


I’m not “Otaku”!! lol I’m not so addicted to Japanese anime. I don’t dislike them but I thought anime was only for “Otaku”. I had watched some anime though.


I prefer “Manga”. That’s why I had never seen like “Gundam” until my friends told me “Gunadam is amazing not for “Otaku”.


Then I started to watch anime.

So I want to tell these Top 5 anime for “ordinary people”!! you know. If you have never seen anime before, don’t worry.I was you.


Ok!! Let’s start!!

First of all, no.5!!


No.5 – ☆Another☆


This is horror anime. Watching this, I was scared. I like horror movie though. lol You should watch this with friends. This is scary.


No.4 – ☆Mirai nikki☆


Mirai means future. Nikki means a dairy.

So when characters use a dairy with a cell phone, they can figure out what’s going on next. Sounds complicated, I know. You should watch this. This is fun!!


No.3 – ☆Gundam Seed☆


Lik I said, Gundam is awesome!! But Gundam has so many series and episodes. So I think all Gundam is good, but if I say which series is the best, I choose this series.


When TV showed this anime, I didn’t see it in that time. I was a junior high school student. Like I said, I was not interested in this kind of anime. Especially, the Japanese regard Gundam as Otaku stuff.


This is absolutely awesome!!


No.2 – ☆Angelbeats☆


I just looked up what anime Otaku watches on the Internet. They said this anime. So I watched it,…I was like “Otaku is good”. Because it was really great. This is funny and fun anime.


No.1 – ☆Anohimitahananonamaewobokutachihamadashiranai☆


What the hell!? lol title is too long !! lol Aka “anohana” though. This is my favorite anime ever.

Please watch this! You will have a good time! I promiss!!


I don’t know if you can watch these anime but you should watch! You must watch! And you can save your time because there are so many Japanese anime, but some of them suck!


I just want you to watch good anime. I have more my favorite anime.

So I think will write part 2 about anime. Not next though. I hope you enjoy this post!! Bye:)