10 food which you should eat in Osaka

Hi, there! I’ve just finished my finals today. That’s why I posted this kind of late.Sorry about that. Basically, I write a blog once three days. Now I’m free so I think I can do that pace.

Anyways, this time, I’m gonna tell you Japanese food especially Osaka’s food.I’m pretty sure if you want to enjoy eating in Japan,come to Osaka. That’s the best way. I promiss. Food is great and low price in Osaka. Isn’t that nice?

I’ll tell you something first. Osaka has kind of unique history. So sometimes it is jsut different in any fields. Ok. Osaka is famous for “KONAMON” which means something is made of flour. So first I’m gonna show you what Konamon is like.

You ready? Let’s go!


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You see? This is what I’m talking about! How can I explain this taste?… Just try it by yourself! lol We usually eat this with “worceter sause”. It is black one on Takoyaki. If you are lucky, you have a chance to eat Takoyaki by dipping into special soup. We call them “Akashiyaki”.  I prefer eat Takoyaki with “ponzu” though.  Ponzu is awesome. Just awesome. I could have bought it in the U.S. So please try it! You will be moved to tears. If you want to make this, you need to buy special machine for this.


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You might know this. Have you ever been to Panda Restaurant? If yes, you see “chomen” there. We call them Yakisoba. But, But,But taste is totally different!! I grow up in Osaka. Of course I like Yalisoba. But that was much more different than I expected. Please try to eat it in Japanese restaurant.


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Looks Pizza,but taste is different.It’s like a pancake? or ummm,forget it. I can’t explain it. This is really famous in Osaka. No more explanation!




Actually, Kyabetu means cabbage in Japanese. So you see a lot of cabbages inside it. The concept is almost the same as Okonomiyaki. I think we like to call something “something-yaki”.

These are Konamon. You got something? Great! People from other prefectures eat above cuisine as the main dish. We eat them as the side dish though. I mean we means people from Osaka or other prefectures which is close to Osaka. That’s a big difference. When we eat them with rice and miso soup, people from other prefectures might be surprised. That’s our way. Ok. Let’s move on!


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Kushikatsu is fried food like egg,beef,asparagus and so on. We eat them by dipping special sause like worceter sause. If a restaurant prepares the sause on the table, we can dip Kushikatu into it only ONCE. That’s the rule. If you break it, you will kick out from the restaurant. I’m serious…well,just kidding. But that’s the way what we do. You should keep it in your mind!This is the sause box!

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6.Tempura of red pickled ginger

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You know Tempura right? I believe so. Actually, I didn’t know that this was Osaka food . I’ve eaten this before,but umm I don’t know. It is tasty,but not so much for me. This is really cheap, so at least you should try this. If you like, that’s nice.


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This is a kind of noodle. Brown thing is fried bean-curd. Kitune means a fox. I don’t know why we call them Kitsune. Actually, the big difference is soup between west and east side in Japan. the soup is thiner in the west side. I prefer thin soup!

Next, you just go to one place to eat the rest food! The place is “551” which is famous for ice candy and buta-man.


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It means steamed pork bun! This comes from China I think. ・・・Oh!?  You can’t eat pork?because of your religion?? Don’t worry about it. Keep going!


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It means steamed beef bun. That’s it!! These are really awesome. I want to eat them right now. But I can’t eat them here in the U.S. at least in Salem….Can I cry?  Anyway, this is like sweets not like main food.

10.Ice candy

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After eating, we want to eat dessert right? At least I do!! I think I’ve eaten once? maybe? I’m not sure exactly. I’m not a staff in here. It was kind of hard to intoduce only Osaka food.

How did it go? You got something? If so, please leave comment here. I will be happy:) Ummm, next blog,,What do you wanna know?? It might be about Anime or music or I don’t know. Let me think of it. Well, see you next time☆★