Top 5 Anime that Japanese picked up!!

This time, I’m gonna write about Japanese animation. This is fun, right? Ok. I think some anime are already famous in the world like   “NARUTO” “One Piece” “Dragon Ball” “Death Note” And… Continue reading

Don’t go to JAPAN TOWN in San Francisco!!

  I just came back from San Francisco. I had stayed there for a month. I went to Napa and San Francisco. Here is a story that I got.   My friend told… Continue reading

Toilet country!! That’s Japan!!

Hi, I’m Genki who has been staying for 11months in the U.S. while staying here, I have had a certain desire that is like “I want to poop in a easiest way.” You… Continue reading

What is cooking for American and Japanese?

photo credit: Fabiano Kai via photopin cc I’ve been to America, Canada, China and of course Japan so far.I love to eat. First I want to say that we can eat awesome food… Continue reading

Wrong side!! Be careful to drive in Japan!!

I thought everybody knew that we drive on the left side in Japan. It was wrong. I decided to write about this because when I was talking with my friend’s grandma who is… Continue reading

Way to go,America!!

photo credit: Puzzler4879 via photopin cc I had a great time on July 4 which is of course independence day!! It was the first time to spend that day in the U.S. I… Continue reading

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